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Sunday, 6 November 2011

First experience of McEwan!

There are certain writers who you see everyone reading and you wonder why you haven't read a single book by them. For me, these are the likes of McEwan, DeLillo, and Eggers. Every time, I am in a bookstore scrutinizing titles on the shelves my eyes hover over Ian McEwan, stay there for a moment and move on.

A few weeks back I bought my first book my Ian McEwan, 'The comfort of strangers' mainly because the title amused me immensely. The story is set in Venice and reading through this 100 page thin book I got the feel of walking through the unique city; however, with lackluster characters, devoid of human emotions other than sexual, I wasn't impressed. 

McEwan's writing style is fluid and the plot gripping but somehow the story leaves more to be desired. The horrific ending disgusted me to some extent but left no long term effect. Hence for me, McEwan's book are best left avoided in future. 

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