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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

You're as good as the books you read!

Tell me you read Nicholas Sparks, Sidney Sheldon or Nora Roberts and I may not want to speak to you again. Tell me you worship the likes of Marquez, Chekov and Joyce and I will respect you forever. For sworn bibliophiles around the world, books can be major deal breakers (or makers).

The books we love often reflect all that we believe in; all that we think is beautiful in the world. It may have a character you closely relate to or a plot that reads like your own life. So the kind of books we read say a lot about us.

Accuse me of narrow mindedness but when it comes to knowing people, I judge them by their taste in literature. Going into someone's house and seeing a wall plastered with books excite me, perusing the titles on somebody's shelves is like opening a window on their psyche.

I am aware of the fact that an individual is more than the sum of his bookshelf but I also believe that books are an extension of one's self and so for me a person is as good the books he reads. 

Beg to differ?

P.S. My apologies to the people who love Sparks, Roberts and Sheldon but seriously, you need to give Wilde, Dostoevsky and Marquez a shot.
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