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Sunday, 10 June 2012

I dream a dream of a library (2)

Back in end of February I started setting up my library with a mere 18 books. See: I dream a dream (1) Over the past three months I've added almost 30 more books. Not qualified to be called a library still, but it's finally starting to look like the picture I have in mind.

                                          Taken in February 


                                                     In June
Good progress, eh?

Anyway I bought a couple of books at a Liberty Books sale today.  Here are the ones I got:

1) Night by Elie Wiesel
2) Selected Poems by Gulzar
3) Reading like a writer by Francine Prose  
4) Selected Short Stories from the 19th Century by David Stuart

Reading One hundred years of Solitude these days has me trapped in the imaginary village of Macondo and its daily life of atrocities, resilience and miracles. Marquez truly is a master of Magical realism. I've been reading the book at a slow pace and its already been a month since I started it. No rush. Masterpieces are too precious to be glanced at and brushed past by; they are meant to be savored, experienced and appreciated.

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