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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

I dream a dream of a library!

Recently, I decided to create a personal library. Now, as unfortunate as this may sound coming from a book blogger, I have never actually collected books.In my defense, I will attribute this disturbing fact to the tragic event of shifting our house back in 2001 when the movers managed to get my carton of books completely wet! Do you know what a soaking wet box full of one's carefully collected and best loved books can do to a child's psyche? I was traumatized! At that point, my 10 year old self thought 'Hmm, I'll never have as many books as I just lost again in my life, so there is no point in trying to recollect it all'. Since then, I've donated, sold off or lent all the books I've ever read. 

Sometimes, I thought of it as a testimony of my compassion to send a book back into the world by giving it away, but a slight desire to see a corner in my room stacked with my own books never evaded me and so, after all these years, I decided to build a home library. Fortunately, I've kept a record of all the books I've devoured over the years so the plan is to buy back all those covers, track down all my friends who may have borrowed and add them to my already existing little bookshelf which I made yesterday with some of the books I was left with. 

F.Y.I. First book from the left is the 'Autobiography of Mark Twain' (a prized possession) 
It's going to be a long process of recollecting everything I've read but the end result is sure to give my room the beautiful book-laden nook it's been missing ever since the fateful day that damn mover ruined my books.  
These are the 20 or so books I'm starting out with.

And with that happy thought, I'd sign off. Wish me luck :D and also, leave me tips on how you organize your book collection. I'm torn between a traditional bookcase and a hanging shelf.


  1. I like traditional. but I really do love the new kinds of bookcases. the ones that twist, or the chair one.

    I organize my books. I put the ones I love a lot together. and the ones that are o.k ,the ones I'm yet to read on other shelves.

  2. What an organized follower Ive got! ;p I think the library chair is an ingenious idea too.

  3. I have tagged you to receive the Liebster Blog Award!

    This blog award is given for those up and coming blogs that have under 200 followers. I'm very happy to tag you as part of this!

    You can find the tag here:



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