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Monday, 19 September 2011

So much to read, so little time.

I feel like I have completely abandoned my blog. Ive been super busy lately with university and all that it has brought along; interesting people, good conversations, new opportunities and the experience of something completely new and exciting. :)

Nevertheless I am squeezing out time for a short post because the guilt is nagging me.

Now, I have been waiting anxiously to get my hands on Mohammad Hanif's second book 'Our lady of Alice Bhatti' which came out a few weeks back. Mohammad Hanif of 'A case of exploding mangoes' fame is a fresh addition to the South Asian literary scene. His writing is fast, sarcastic and sometimes hilarious. Reading his first book gave me a sense of euphoria that I had been aching to feel after finishing a book. So my desire to read the new one is no surprise.

Unfortunately, I missed the reading of his book at T2F on Sunday, 4th September due to heavy rains and the eminent flooding of roads in Karachi. :(

As for now, I am waiting for a chance to go to the bookstore and buy it. :) Here's a review of the book.



  1. <3 Did i mention how much i love you :)

  2. haha no you didnt. LOVEYOUTOOO! oh i learnt this new thing :
    ILY <3


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