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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Going back to a 'Witchful' past!

Surfing on the internet I came across an article listing the best children's books. Unsurprisingly, Roald Dahl's titles were a staple feature on the list. I think almost everyone has memories from Dahl's books- and his fascinating world of magic!

I suddenly realized how bored I had become of the thriller, horror and drama genres I had been devouring lately and how desperately I craved to live in a lighter, happier imaginary world. Hence, I began reading Roald Dahl's award winning book 'The Witches'. The first time I had begun reading this book was 7 years ago in my school's library, a grim room in the basement with a poor collection. Well, it had this gem so I shouldn't be complaining.

I remember how  the description of these ghastly witches brightened my eyes with fascination. Their image was still etched in my mind. Bald, huge nostrils, claw-shaped hand and square toes!!

Somewhere while reading, it hit me that I had never finished the book. I had only read the first three chapters and then left it incomplete. And for this tragedy, I blame my school's No-book issuance policy. :)

Anyway, during the course of the book, Dahl's imagination never ceased to amaze me. It takes massive talent to write books for children. Simmering complex ideas and  horrifying stories into amusing, fictionalized anecdotes is no easy feat.

I seldom laugh out loud while reading but this book made me do that with every turn of the page. The never ending Mouse-Witch chase, the disgusting witch rituals and the surprising reality of it all enthralled me to bits. A must-read for those who have been plagued by the intellectual-book-syndrome and those who want to renew their love for simple light reading.

Oh, and the best dialogue in the book comes at the end. ‘It doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like as long as somebody loves you.’ 
And just so you know, these words were said by a mouse. 

Happy reading! 


  1. What to dos when no one loves you?

  2. jokes apart, well-written my friend.

  3. I've read mathilda only and loved it(except the cver) I cn't find the other books here tho.

  4. try searching them online. I highly recommend the witches, the twits and the BFG. :)


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