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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Type away!

Ms. Procrastination over stayed her welcome, hence the blog was not updated for weeks but I've got to write now. Sometimes I feel like I'll explode or die of an emotional overload if I don't write. I know I must but sometimes, I just don't.

Anyway, I'm sure nobody who reads this blog wants to comb through my mental debris so I'll let you know something that may interest some of you. I'm getting myself a TYPEWRITER! Okay so I have wanted to get one for the longest time but wasn't able to find it in my city but now I finally know where I can get it from and next week I shall be typing away from the ultimate writing machine of the 1800s. 

I think my love for typewriters and other vintage items stems from a fascination with bygone eras, very much like Owen Wilson's longing to belong to the early 1900s in Midnight in Paris. Something about the fantasy-nostalgist theme of this movie made me wonder how incredible it would be to personally know these writers from almost a century ago who are now considered literary Gods. What insecurities had they faced in regards to their writing? Self doubts? The extent of their passion? I want to know everything about them!

I can't jump back in time but I can own something that was used by them, and so, using a typewriter is my way of getting a little closer to the writers I've admired all my life.
Source: molsrock.tumblr.com


  1. I hope,you get oneself soonn:)S

  2. Oh brilliant!!!That sounds really cool!

  3. This is why I like ur blog! Ur love for books, literature and things that are dying away! A typewriter I say! Good luck. :)

    1. Thanks :) My readers' encouragement always means a lot.

  4. Nowadays it's all about technology. So I think it's a great idea to get a typewriter :-) Following your blog now, please visite my site.

  5. brilliant. My nana used to have one and I used to type on it like crazy. The tick jig sound of the keys used to mesmerise me :P But one day I broke its ribbon while tightening it up for dark fonts :D

  6. Cool! My dad has a typewriter in his office that they rarely use and I used to love typing on it! I loved listening to the sounds that it would make.. :D


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