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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Why do you read?

I've always loved reading but could never put a finger on why I read. I've never admitted to reading as a means to escape since to me that translates into - 'My life is horrible and I need the help of books to transport me to a happier, more exciting place'. However, I now realize that while escapism is one of the reasons I enjoy reading, there's no shame in admitting it because what I mean is simple: Now and then, I love to live the life of others; the rich and the poor, the beautiful and the damned, the joyous and the distressed. To create a parallel life and alternate between the two at will is a miraculously liberating feeling to say the least.

However, a recent conversation on Twitter made me think that for a majority of people escapism comes from the fantasy genre only. The success of Harry Potter and The Lord of the rings are prime examples in this case. Here's one bit:

Follower's tweet:  i love d fantasy genre, takes ur mind off real life, the reason for reading books.

My reply:  hmm im sure.bt im nt into d fantasy genre.i need 2 b able to relate 2 the characters in d real world.
So my question to you, dear readers is: How can you relate to wizards who go to a school of wizardry, vampires who live for centuries, and hobbits who inhabit the lands of Middle-earth rather than characters rooted in the real world with actual human problems?

Maybe its a limitation of imagination on my part but when I read I need a strong sense of place. I need stories that are grounded in reality; in a fully real world. But that's just me. Feel free to differ.

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  1. vampires who live for centuries ,make me wonder about immortality and if I would choose it. Immortality attracts a lot of people I think. As for Harry Potter and LOTR. There's more to it than just wizards magic, orcs and hobbits. These stories might not be realistic but they all have a message.

    I read anything as long as it sounds like a good book. real or fantasy.


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